Take Charge of Your Assets With a Trust

Hire an estate planning attorney in Chevy Chase, MD

If you’re looking for a way to privately transfer your assets to your loved ones when you pass, consider having Roland M. Schrebler, LLC draw up a trust. Trusts are a good way to privately allocate your assets because you won’t have to put your personal details on display in court. Attorney Schrebler will help you determine how you’d like to distribute your estate, who will be in charge of executing it and how much you’ll have to pay in fees before drafting your trust. He’ll make sure you’re fully informed of the trust process and handle the administration process when you pass.

Learn more about the benefits of a trust by contacting Roland M. Schrebler.

Trust administration services in Chevy Chase, Maryland

Roland M. Schrebler will make sure your estate is handled according to your exact specifications when you pass away. Attorney Schrebler can help distribute assets relating to a:
  • Business trust
  • Education trust
  • Retirement trust
  • Personal trust

He’ll make sure that everyone named in the trust is contacted in a timely manner and made aware of the assets left to them. Get in touch with Roland M. Schrebler to learn more.